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Q: Where should I ship my ROWE/AMI components for testing/service?

A: Send your CD Players, Amplifiers, CCCs, MCBs, Power Supplies, Pricing Boards, Displays & Keypads to:

Jeremy Wallace / 56 Old County Rd./ Plaistow, NH 03865

Q: How do I order service or a part?

A: Call (603) 329-2314  or  email

Leave a message with your service request or part description / # and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A: We accept all major credit cards over the phone & online via PayPal.

Q: Do you accept returns? 

A: Yes, but there is a 25% restocking fee for any returns ordered in error which were not defective.

Q: How do I tell which model Rowe/AMI jukebox I have? 

A: There is an ID plate on every Rowe/AMI jukebox on the back right beneath the volume control knob.

Q: Do your repair Wurlitzer, Rock-O-La or Seeburg model jukeboxes? 

A: No, unfortunately we are a shop set-up exclusively to test, diagnose & repair Rowe/AMI jukeboxes models R-84 thru CD100s. 

Q: Will you make a service call to my home or business? 

A: No, we are a very busy shop and focus on repairing ROWE/AMI components which are sent to us. The good news is we are often able to isolate which components are the likely cause of your problems by your description of the issues your jukebox is having. Contact us today:

(603) 329-2314  or

Q: Do you buy jukeboxes? 

A: No, but we DO purchase components (CCCs, MCBs, Amplifiers and CD players) from ROWE/AMI jukebox models R-84 thru CD100s. Contact us today to see if we are able to make you an offer on any of the above components:

(603) 329-2314  or

Q: Can I pay you for a tech support/troubleshooting phone call?

A: Not currently, BUT, you can contact Bruce Wentworth at A&B Jukebox Repair. With over 25 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing ROWE/AMI jukeboxes, Bruce is the man to diagnose what ails your jukebox. Contact him today to schedule your tech support call:

(603) 382-6272  or

                 Need Service Or A Part? Call (603) 329-2314 

We can't always answer,  but leave a message & we'll get back to you for shipping & payment information ASAP.  

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